Aaron Horkey Retrospective Letterpress Series

The Bieler Press printed the Aaron Horkey Retrospective Letterpress Series: Suites 1–2, a selection of eight limited edition art prints of Aaron Horkey’s ink drawn illustrations published by Dead Arts Publishing.
High resolution digital scan backs were taken of the original drawings to capture their intricate detail and to provide accurate rendering for the letterpress process. Printed by Gerald Lange on a hand-operated Vandercook cylinder press using steel-backed photopolymer plates and dampened Somerset Velvet mouldmade paper.

Suite One consists of The Scavenger (Fantomas), Drifting Monument (Racebannon), Goatmeal (The Melvins), The Rook (chess piece).

Suite Two consists of Cecropia (Boris Smile), Megaloceros (Cable I), The Sentinel (Whale Bone Grove), The Pawn (chess piece).

Posters in both pieces are signed and numberd by Horkey and each includes an elaborate Certificate of Authority.

Price for each Suite is $895. State sale tax (where applicable) and shipping are extra.

Printers proofs of individual posters, indicated as such and signed by Lange, are also available for sale at their original pricing. Inquire.