Murder in the Printshop

I have used the text of this uncompleted story for several years as a specimen sheet for beta testing fonts from various digital foundries. While this piece is only an interrupted beginning to a faux detective story that goes no further, several folks suggested that I “print it up as a broadside.” So, I did. “Murder in the printshop” is an old newspaper shop phrase referring to a disaster during production.

This production is an examination of the letterpress printing characteristics of Caslon Oldstyle No. 337 (digitized from Lanston Monotype Company’s original masters by Lanston Type Co. Ltd.).
The broadside was letterpress printed in two colors (titling and very tiny Adobe Poetica ornaments in red) from photopolymer plates on dampened Campersand (a “vintage” English handmade paper from the mill of J. Barcham Green, watermarked 1979).

Produced in 1996, in an edition of 135 numbered copies. 11 by 15-3/4 inches. $49.95